Can a 6+ years experienced in civil engineering move to IT domain

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It is never too late to switch to the IT domain. You move to IT by learning some things such as Programming, networking etc. But the 6+ years of experience that you have got n Civil will not be considered. You will have to start fresh in the IT domain.
answered Mar 18 by Karan
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 Yes, All you need to is pick the right choice and right time, You can learn any courses nowadays just in few weeks to months and you're ready to show case your knowledge and what you learnt. Many companies are hiring employees with not "ONLY NATIVE IT EXPERIENCED", but also employees with multiple talents in any field. So you can move to "IT" field or any field anytime. You need to just learn the trending tools or languages.

Hope this helps you. 

answered Mar 18 by Cherukuri
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