I am confused what course need to choose to switch my career from non tech to technical in it

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I have completed my b-tech from electrical engineering and worked in nontechnical field for 3.6 years but i want to switch my career to technical field but confused which domain need to choose bcoz i don't have any it skills as off now. I have discussed regrading the same with some of my friends then getting answers like selenium testing, some are saying do devops, AWS.......etc. Really i am not understanding what to choose which will be effective for me and i can switch my career. Please help me to choose my domain.
Jun 17 in Ask us Anything! by Aishwarya
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As you are a fresher in the technical world, you can start from anywhere where you get some interest. It can be in the Machine Learning world or DevOps world or Cloud world etc. Every company works in different domains and accordingly they hire people.

But as we are moving in the automation world, every company also wants to automate their tasks to work more efficiently. So in the current market, there may more requirements of DevOps engineer. But DevOps is not a small field. There are lots of tools available starting from testing tools, deployment tools, CI/CD tools, monitoring tools, etc.

answered Jun 17 by MD
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