I need the certificate the recordings of the workshop on cybersecurity - how to be cyber safe and work from home i had done Please provide the link

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I had done the "cybersecurity workshop- how to be cyber safe and work from home" on dates 15th & 16th august 6 to 8 pm IST.
Till yet i didn't received the certificate and the recordings.
Please help.
Aug 19, 2020 in Ask us Anything! by Sudhanshu
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Hey, @Sudhanshu,

I would suggest you check your mail once, you would have got it in your registered mail id with the class recordings.

If you haven't registered for the previous workshop, register for the upcoming one' here:  https://resources.edureka.co/cyber-security-edureka-workshop-sql-injection-attack/

Sorry sir but till now i did'nt received any email regarding this, that's why i raised thus query.
Please help me to solve it.

Hey, @Sudhanshu,

You can find the class recordings in your Edureka LMS https://learning.edureka.co/mycourses

Even same problem with me, i have attended all two workshop but didn't receive any certificate yet.your technical issues are disgusting.
Actually the lms is not showing are registere courses, that's the problem and i don't know why.


I would suggest you register for the upcoming Cyber Workshop, once you attend the workshop on both days, then you can generate the certificate.

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Can we get a Certificate if we watch the recorded video?
answered Aug 20, 2020 by anonymous
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You have to take up the full course to get proper certification. 

For more details, you can visit here https://www.edureka.co/

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