I am interested in Computer networking How do i get into Cisco which is my dream company Do I need to have any certifications Please Help

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Sep 6, 2019 in Career Counselling by Sneha

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You should have a very good understanding of the networking concepts-how routers work,network topologies,mobile networks,TCP/IP protocols and lots more.

After you feel you have a solid foundation and some hands on on network administration you can go for the interview.

Having a CCNA certification will make your job easier!
answered Sep 6, 2019 by Sirajul
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I do not have the financial support for taking up the certification. Is there another way? I am pretty confident with my networking concepts. Can I apply for jobs without certification?
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Hi, Sneha.

Since you want to work in cisco in the computer networking domain, you should have good knowledge of computer networks and programming skills. Along with these a certificate on computer networks would be a plus point such as CCNA. CCNA is one of the most well known entry-level certifications within the IT industry; holding this credential proves your ability to install, configure, manage and support small to medium-sized networks. Once you clear the exam, you can now apply for cisco.

All the best!
answered Sep 9, 2019 by Cherukuri
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@Cherukuri, thanks for sharing your answer. Your answer is really nice and self-explanatory. Can you guide me how can I prepare for these certification exams?
i have worked in cisco for 3 years direct. its not great place to work. think about technology not company. think yourself as full stack dev

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