What are the job profiles available for a Computer Science grad at facebook?

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Hello, I am computer science graduate and I have started job hunting, I wanted to know as what are the different job profiles I can apply for in Facebook?
Feb 15 in Career Counselling by Debdeep

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The list of profiles that are available for a Computer Science Graduates are as follows:-

Mobile, Product, Backend services, Machine Learning, Crowd Sourcing, Ads, Search, Data Warehousing, Networking, etc.
answered Feb 15 by Manav
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Hey Debdeep, some of the job profiles offered by Facebook are as follows:

  1. Applied Research Scientist
  2. Software Engineer
  3. Research Engineer
  4. Developer Support Engineer
  5. Solutions Engineer
  6. Engineering Manager
  7. Android Software Frameworks Engineer
  8. Machine Learning Engineer
  9. Production Engineer
  10. Front-End Engineer
  11. iOS Software Engineer
  12. Solutions Architect etc.
answered Mar 29 by Rashmi
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You can go through the below-listed jobs:

1.) Data Scientist / Data Associate: for this profile companies mostly prefer students who have worked or taken courses in this area. It pays as you grow experience. Experience matters here.

2.) Software Engineers: these are mostly product or services developers in the industry. Some come with a profile like front-end developer/ back- end-developer. It is also one and the same thing. So these will be mostly the application building guys.

3.) Infrastructure: Some companies offer the Software engineer profile but for the Infrastructure. This mostly includes your storage, database, deployment, cloud, etc. You may work on writing scripts for the automation of the infrastructure maintenance process. Basically sub roles under this are DB admin etc.

4.) System Engineer: It is closer to the hardware. You mostly work on c/c++ etc. Work on software specific to hardware. However, it is also good as it is lately being intersected with Artificial Intelligence, robotics, etc.

answered Jun 24 by Gitika
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