What are the main reason for people getting rejected in any Interview?

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What are the main reason for people getting rejected in any Interview? I want to know as what are the reasons for rejection that are very common?
Feb 1 in Career Counselling by deepak

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There can be multiple reason for a person being rejected in an Interview.

You didn't perform well

Interviewer was not impressed

The hiring committee got a better match

You had poor skills.

Your communication was not upto the mark.

Interviewer was biased, mostly this is not the reason.

You over performed.
answered Feb 1 by tanu
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People get rejected in any interview because of the following main reasons:-

The candidate is not worthy.

The candidate lacks skills.

The candidate cannot potray the required skills.

The candidate is not having relevant experience or knowledge.

The candidate is over-confident.

The candidate potrays negative attitude.

The candidate cannot handle give situation.

The last reason, they have already got the number of candidate for the required post.
answered Feb 4 by Rajesh
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This is a very vague question :p but anyways, there could be many reasons why people get rejected in an interview:

  • Not confident
  • gave an impression of not being able to handle the pressure
  • slow learner
  • lack of enthusiasm
  • lack of communication skills
  • You probably don't have the skills they require
answered Feb 7 by Nina
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I have been a recruiter for over 2 years now. The main things that I don't like in candidates are overconfidence and dishonesty. Confidence is very important during an interview but overconfidence is very bad. And most of the candidates think that their lie is not noticed by the recruiters. Let me tell you that, we do realize that you are lying but we don't let you know that we know. I do that to see to what extent the candidate can lie up to. So, my suggestion is: Be confidence but don't be over confident. Be honest.
answered Feb 18 by Shivani
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Some of the common mistakes or situations are - 

  • Oversmart answers
  • No confidence
  • Your performance (grade/marks)
  • Communication gap between you and interviewer
  • Undiciplined or punctuality
answered Jul 17 by meetha

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