Can a civil engineer having 6+ years experience in government sector get a job in private sector?

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I am a civil engineer having 6+ years experience in government sector. I have worked with many of the projects and they are quite successful. Is it possible for me now to get a job in private sector?
Feb 1 in Career Counselling by Yash

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You can definitely give it a try but don't have high hopes. The case is that everyone prefers youngsters these days.

I feel that high experience should be used for development but again it is not happening.

Getting a new job at the age of 30 is tiring when you know that there is a younger crowd that is highly motivated. Even though you can get opportunity at places where they respect experience more than young crowd.
answered Feb 1 by Rohan
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First of all, working in a Government field for past 6 years has a different value. It depends on which field in private sector you want to go. Its not impossible that you cannot opt for it, but I would suggest its not going to be a good idea. The environment you were in Government field for past years will be totally changed, if you join private sector.

One thing I can suggest is, if you are able to handle the pressure that private companies have and having potential to cope up with the new generation freshers then you are most welcome. Every things sounds good, but practically you will come to know once you are into then field. So choose wisely.  

answered Apr 17 by sunny

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