How to get job after 6 months gap having 3 years of experience

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I am having 3 years of experience in software testing, but had to stop working because of some family problems. Now that things are sorted, I want to restart my career. Is there any way I can work as a Data Scientist or similar?
Jan 30, 2019 in Career Counselling by anonymous
I do have a similar doubt but I have a years experience in Wipro and took a break for 5 month and am looking for job opportunities. Is it possible to get a job now? What should I answer if asked about the gap?
Hey @Shashank, Obviously its possible to get a job but every interviewer is going to ask about the 5 months gap. Don't lie as honestly is appreciated but also don't make it seem like you've wasted 5 months. Make it look like you did something productive and show them the results, either build something, work on a project, get a certified course, write a research paper or anything you wish like, it could even be playing football or sketching or any hobby you wish. Any form of talent will be appreciated just don't make it seem like you've wasted time.
Yes, @Shashank, it is possible to get a job now. When asked about the gap, first tell them what you actually did (even if it is not related to technology) and you can add that you took a gap because you wanted to improve your knowledge (which I am sure you did).
Thank you @Omkar, yes I am learning new technology.
Thank you @kalgi, that was really amazing way of tackling both boredom and a perfect answer to the interviewer.
Well @Shanshank, you are at an advantage now! You can tell them that you were learning some technology. Tell them why this technology caught your interest and how you worked to learn it. This will show them that you are serious about your job and knowledge matters more to you than earning. This will make a good impression because they will realize that you are flexible and willing to adapt, and will be an asset to their company.
Yes @omkar, I can surely use this. It will give a positive impression to the interviewer.
Yes @Shashank, all the best.

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Hey, you've worked for three years and that experience never goes to vain. Software testing and Data science are two very different domains, software testing experience might not help you very much to get a data science job plus a break adds up to your disadvantage.

Show the company that you've learned something that can be contributed to their company during the break and use to your advantage. Take up a certified course, there are many e-courses, you can just sit at home and study. Udemy, Coursera, Edureka, Udacity, IBM. Do some basic research, find out the best course suited for you and go for it. Once you have the certification, knowledge, and experience working with the tools nobody can't stop you.

All the best :)
answered Jan 30, 2019 by Kalgi
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You could try getting a job in the latest company you were working at. I suggest this because you have worked there for some time, and the Managers and HRs know your work potential and performance. Most of the time Managers or HRs will take you back in because you already know how things work in that company and you won't spend any time learning about it. And because you've worked there, you can get in touch with the Hiring in-charge or the Manager directly which might skip you the typical interview process.
answered Feb 6, 2019 by Karan
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Yes, you can get a job as a Data Scientist. If you have previously worked as a Data Scientist then you can get a new job with that experience. Recruiters will understand the reason for the gap in your career and will not make a big issue. If you want to shift to Data Science from a different domain then you will have to take up some course, get certified and then get a job. All the best :-)
answered Feb 8, 2019 by Ekta

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