After how many years of experience should I get into MBA

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Hello. I have been working for an IT company for some time now. I have always been interested in the management side and so planning for MBA. How many years of experience should I have before getting into MBA?
Feb 1, 2019 in Career Counselling by Isha
Is there any use doing MBA? I'm hearing that placement even after doing MBA is extremely difficult???
I have the similar doubt. I have taken almost a gap of 8 months now. If I attend an interview will they be asking me about the gap? How am I supposed to answer to this? Any suggestions?
@shashank, have you been preparing for MBA in the last 8 months?
@Vardhan, actually no, I have been working on a project of mine but am thinking of doing MBA.
@shashank, IMO, it is best to maintain the truth. Let them know you were preparing for MBA and working on a side project and when they ask you details about the project, try to justify why it was important for you and how that experience can be used in the new role they are about to offer you..
Thank you @vardhan. I will try to tell them the truth and justify the project I am working on. What is IMO?

Hey @Shashank!

IMO stands for "In My Opinion" smiley

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Ideally, 2 years of experience is recommended before getting into MBA. 2 years because by that time you will have known enough about the IT industry, work culture, project/product process etc. But that again depends on an individual. One could go with MBA after a year too.
answered Feb 1, 2019 by Loki
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Hey @Isha, You first need to decide where or which university you want to do your MBA from. Every university has different requirements. Most of the American universities require 2-3 years of experience. Most of the colleges in Canada does not ask for experience. Do some research and start planning soon.

All the very best :)
answered Feb 7, 2019 by Pragya
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There's no exact answer to the number of years of experience to have before doing MBA. You do MBA when you are ready to do. Having work experience is suggested before doing MBA because you will get to know the work culture of the industry. But how many years of experience? It's completely on you. Some people pursue MBA after 1-2 years, some after 5+ years. But I suggest you don't take too much gap, do it after 1-2 years.
answered Feb 18, 2019 by Shri

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