Are there any openings for freshers from EEE after doing AWS Training in next 3 months

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Are there any openings for freshers(from EEE ) after doing AWS Training in next 3 months?
Aug 11, 2019 in Career Counselling by anonymous

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Hey, there are a lot of openings for cloud but the question is what profile are you looking at. Since serverless architecture is the next big thing, the job opportunities are just going to increase. There are companies like Infosys, Amazon, Nextgen, etc that are looking for freshers with the AWS knowledge. As I have mentioned earlier, it all depends on what profile. Most of the companies expect you to have work experience for profiles like AWS Cloud Architect. But there are a lot of companies, especially startups that prefer freshers over experienced employees for various reasons.

Since you are from EEE background, certified training will just add up to your resume and give you a clear understanding of the concepts with practical applications. 

If you are confident enough, go ahead and start applying. There are a lot of ways of applying - one, directly through the company website and the other is through LinkedIn, Naukri, Glassdoor, Indeed

answered Aug 13, 2019 by Kalgi
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Yes, there are lots of online job portals where you can register & get a useful result. is one of the best online job portals which manage the large amount database of both job seekers & job recruiters. here, lots of Cloud Computing job offer.

answered Jan 10, 2020 by Palak Jain

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