Recently I heard about Data Science I was curious about Data Science as a Career and what are the opportunity is offers and most importantly how do I start my journey of becoming a data Scientist

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You can refer this for complete information:What Is Data Science? A Beginner’s Guide To Data Science

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Hi, @There,

What skills does a Data Scientist possess?

Role of a Data Scientist is indeed a challenging one! Though the skill-sets and competencies that Data Scientists employ differ extensively, to be an efficient Data scientist, he should:

  1. Be very innovative and distinctive in his approach in applying various techniques intelligently to extract data and get useful insights in solving business problems and challenges.
  2. Have the ability to locate and construe rich data sources.
  3. Have a hands-on experience in Data mining techniques such as graph analysis, pattern detection, decision trees, clustering or statistical analysis.
  4. Develop operational models, systems and tools by applying experimental and iterative methods and techniques.
  5. Analyze data from a variety of sources and perspectives and find out hidden insights.
  6. Perform Data Conditioning – that is, converting data into a useful form by applying statistical, mathematical tools and predictive analysis.
  7. Research, analyze, execute, and present statistical methods to gain practical insights.
  8. Manage large amounts of data even during hardware, software and bandwidth limitations.
  9. Create visualizations that will help anyone understand the trends in data analysis with ease.
  10. Be a team leader and communicate effectively with other business analysts, product Managers and Engineers.
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