Exporting items from Talend studio to SVN and then building them using Jenkins

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How can I export a job from Talend Open Studio 6.4 to SVN, which contains the following?

  • Process

    1. .items

    2. .properties

I need them to be in either .jar, .bat or .sh formats so that later we can upload them on SVN and then pull them from it using an execution server. In order to perform this, I was thinking of using Jenkins as a building tool. Or is there any possible way to automate this job through scripts. Please suggest. 

Apr 9, 2018 in Talend by misc.edu04
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As per my knowledge, you can use Talend command line tool for building jobs from outside the studio. Since it is scriptable, you can easily access your job from an external tool.

For a better explanation, I am sharing a demo code used by Jean Baptiste. In this example, we will initialize the repository, then login as a user and publish the ESB route.

initRemote ${tac.location}

logonProject -pn ${talend.project} -ul "${tac.user}" -up ${tac.password}

publishRoute ${project.artifactId} -r "${repo.snapshot}" -u ${repo.user} -p ${repo.password} -pv ${project.version} -g ${project.groupId} -a ${project.artifactId}

Now, using a Maven POM, you can call the above command line script.

One more, easy and secure way will be, using Talend Enterprise edition. In this Talend Administration centre is already integrated, thus you can easily build your job, deploy them on any execution server of your choice and later execute it using any job scheduler or triggers. Moreover, an integrated SVN repository is also available in it so you can use it according to your job needs.

Hope this helps!

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answered Apr 9, 2018 by anto.trigg4
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