What are the major perks an employee enjoys at an MNC?

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I want to know what are some of the major perks an employee enjoys while working for an MNC, which aren't provided by other companies?
Sep 4 in Career Counselling by Hiten
One good thing I found is that you would find a lot of free time to chill, since the MNC has a specific team assigned for a specific task.

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Hello Hiten, big MNCs offer really good job benefits which helps them in employee retention and increases their profits. Some of those benefits are:

  • Opportunity to work in a diverse work environment.
  • Exposure to detailed knowledge of any skillset.
  • Perks like health benefits, insurance and stock options
  • Support by the company for higher studies or certifications
  • Experience for future job opportunities
  • Opportunity for International travels
answered Sep 4 by Anvi
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@Hiten, few things you will benefit or learn in MNC's are

  • Build/grow your network
  • Company vacations, holidays.
  • Extracurricular activities such as games, workshops, training.
  • Festivals, parties, pension.
  • Add value and experience in one's CV.
answered Sep 10 by krithi

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