I want to know which companies offer best employee benefits in India

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I am a B.Tech graduate and currently looking for jobs in some big MNCs. So I want to know which companies offer best employee benefits?
Sep 5, 2019 in Career Counselling by Tejas
I would personally suggest Google, there's a friend of mine working there and the work culture, employee benefits there are just too good apparently that they have made me think to switch my job ;)
Don't miss the chance if you ever get to work there!
hahaha not very easy to get a job at Google.

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Hi Tejas, big MNCs not only focus on providing good salaries, they also care about their employees. So these companies offer a lot of perks which normally companies don't even think about. Following are a few companies in India which provides best employee benefits:

  • Microsoft: Work from Home option, free lunch, dinner, snacks, stock options, sleeping pods, gym/fitness benefits
  • Google: Flexible work schedule, outdoor and indoor games, massage parlors, fully equipped gym, and sleep pods

  • SAP Labs: Flexible working hours, Work from home option, lot of paid leaves, paid maternity and adoption leave for females

  • Intel: Bonus programs, health facilities, financial assistance for job-related education, indoor and outdoor games

  • American Express: Several health benefits, Smart Savings program etc

  • MakeMyTrip: Social engagements with NGOs, theme day, rock band performances, sports activities and health benefits

  • Standard Charted Bank: Day care center, Happy Fridays, health benefits and insurance

  • Airtel: Flexible work hours, day care and grocery centers, fitness and spa facilities, and 6 months leave for personal and education purposes

  • Hindustan Unilever: Health and hospitalisation insurances, a mediation room, yoga classes, a library and low-cost quality education at Aditya Birla Schools for employees' children

  • RMSI: Parenting, and relationship counseling, child psychology and self defense workshops, health initiatives, photography club, painting, acting, movie making, guitar classes, zumba lessons, and sports tournaments

answered Sep 5, 2019 by Abha
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I would like to add a few more options that pay employees with paid vacations and holidays, etc like EverNote, TripAdvisor.

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