Frustrated with job want to quit but need to support family What to do

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Hey! I hope it's okay to ask career-related doubts here. I got the best degree from an amazing university in Washington. Got an amazing job that pays me well. Except I don't feel connected with what I am doing. I barely get to see my family, I am stressed all the time, I haven't gone a vacation in a very long time I am very tempted to quit but at the same time, I know I need to support my family. What should I do?
Sep 3, 2019 in Career Counselling by Harshit

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As for me, I would suggest leaving the job. Do not stick to the job that you don't want to make your career. Instead, utilise the time in looking for a new job with better payroll. You can also utilise the time to upskill yourself. There is a lot of quality data available online and getting a good insight into a new skill would help you in the long run.

Hope this helps.
answered Sep 4, 2019 by anonymous
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I disagree with you. You should always have a job in your hand if you want to support your family. So quitting a job just like that, without having any other source of income is not a wise decision. You should first start looking for other jobs and once you get a job which offers you a good work-life balance, then you can quit from your current company.
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Feeling the anxiety of going back to work is very common as the largest part of the population do not work because they like their job, they work to earn money. Money is materialistic but ofcourse it's needed to run a family and a house. Now the question arises, should I go ahead with this job that pays me well or should I quit and get a simpler, less stressful job.

You need to find a balance between these two. Get a job that pays enough but also has less stressful work because at the end of the day family and self-satisfaction is important.

Fulfillment in a career is one of the things we are not taught in school or universities. We need to figure this out by ourselves. Find your passion and the things you are good at and imbed this into your career.
answered Sep 4, 2019 by Bob
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Hey, Do what you think. Don't get temped. If you want to live with family then left the job and searching job there where your family living. My point of view first family then job or anything. But we need job to support our family. So search a job where you want then quit the current job. Don't go down. Trust yourself. Take brave decision. Execute it. You can.
answered Sep 4, 2019 by Lakshminarayanan
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This is the case with most of us I believe, where you would have to choose between holding on to something that you are least interested in v/s letting it go and follow your passion.

The best you could probably do is if you don't have a choice but to work, do it as you have responsibilities to fulfill towards your family. At the same time find what is your passion, something that would override your job frustration. In my case i find my solace in music.So i learn music and try learning new musical instruments to get rid of my dissatisfactions. You should find something similar.
answered Sep 10, 2019 by anonymous

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