What do I need to know before starting learning Hadoop?

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Hi.. I am planning to start on learning Big Data Hadoop. I have heard a lot about it in recent days and felt it would be a good career path for me.. But before I start, I wanted to know, what knowledge should I have before learning Hadoop.
Nov 6, 2018 in Career Counselling by digger
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Hey there! Yes, Hadoop is a trending technology with lots of job opportunities. 

You dont need to know anything in particular before learning Hadoop. Hadoop is just a tool for Big Data. So, if you are learning Hadoop then you will learn everything you need in that process.

But knowing some things would be advantageous for you, such as:

  • Basic knowledge of program languages such as Java, nodejs
  • Basic knowledge of query language such as MySql
  • Basic knowledge of *nix OS.
answered Nov 6, 2018 by Omkar
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To start learning hadoop you must be familiar with the following things:

Basics of Programming language

Basics of query language

Basic knowledge of Operating system
answered Feb 26 by David
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Some of the things which would be of advantage to you for learning hadoop are:

  • Linux Operating system

  • Programming Skills like Java, Python or Scala

  • SQL Knowledge
answered May 31 by Nitin
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Before starting with Hadoop, it will be better if you have the basic idea on the following topics:

  • Basic programming skills like Java or python.
  • It will be a good option if you have an idea on Linux Operating system.
  • Having knowledge of MySql will be beneficial.

Basically, you will learn everything while doing Hadoop training.

answered Jul 1 by Gitika
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