Tips for work-life balance?

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Tips for work-life balance?
May 20 in Career Counselling by ramya

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Few pieces of advice - 

  • Try to finish office work in the office.
  • Don't show stress over your family members.
  • Try to learn any sports or hobbies for stress revival.
  • Have a healthy body and mind.
  • Have a team party or dinner along with family members to improve office and family bonding.
answered May 20 by anonymous
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 Here are some of the points you can keep in mind:-

  • Do not overlap professional life with your personal life.
  • Make sure you get some time out for yourself so that you can think about something different apart from work.
  • Try not to find happiness with others presence, be happy with yourself.
  • Read something good like small stories, just to avoid any trash going on around you. 

answered May 23 by Gitika
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