Can I earn high salary as a web developer?

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I am presently working as a web developer but, I am in dilemma that how much I can earn after having some experience? Can anyone tell me?

May 8 in Career Counselling by sunny

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Web developers are in high demand with the increasing number of product based companies. Salaries right now are directly dependent on the skill sets that you bring in. If you have the right set of skills, you can choose your package. Within web development we can choose to be:

Front end developer:- The features that showcased on the websites are handled by the front end developers. Skills required- Javascript, AngularJS. Average salary 4-6 LPA.

Back end developers:- You are involved in writing all the necessary codes for the core logic of the websites. Skills required - Javascript, cloud, JSON. Average Salary 5-6 LPA.

Mean stack developers:-  Full or Mean stack developers are quite in demand right now due to their knowledge of both front end and back end stack development. Skills required:- Javascript, AngularJS, CSS, HTML. Average salary 5-8 LPA.

So choose your area of work according to your interest and try to develop your skills every day.

answered May 8 by Gitika
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