Not allowed to work after marriage, what to do?

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I'm getting married soon and I'm unsure if I will be allowed to work afterward. What do I do if not allowed to work?
Feb 11 in Career Counselling by anonymous

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I think it's your choice whether you want to work or not. Getting married has nothing to do with the working of a woman. I think that our society has passed that phase where women were stopped from working. So, if marrying a person whose family stops you from working is not acceptable. It's your call as what do you want.

All the best.
answered Feb 12 by Priyaj
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There are still work from home jobs and freelance jobs and many more options for women. You can try these options else try any other field or job/career.

Many online job search websites show many options for women and then you can consider.

Its your choice at last, so try to convince them one last time else you might regret later.

Hope you take right decision
answered Apr 10 by Nithin

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