what should I do to get my boss to like my work?

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what should I do to get my boss to like my work?

May 10 in Career Counselling by Nithin

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Try the best for the job you do.

Do not try to act to overconfident or try to show off your work, that gives a negative impression.

Have good conversation and communication with your team.

Be friendly and have a good and joyous aura around you.

Try to finish all your work before the end date.
answered May 10 by Cherukuri
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First things everyone will be happy in your organization with your work, so impressing someone other than your work is not possible. There are some points I will mention, try to follow that:-

  • First, try to have a good conversation with your senior or boss.
  • Get to know the work.
  • Do not try to behave overconfident as it will give a negative impression on him.
  • Maintain your schedule when you are going to finish your task and make sure you do that.
  • Do report to your boss once you are done with your task.

answered May 31 by Gitika
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