What are the different career paths for a Software Engineer?

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I have just started my career as a Software Engineer and wanted to give my career a bump by trying out the different paths for a Software Engineer. What are the possible paths for doing that? Please share your opinions. Thank you.
Feb 11 in Career Counselling by Randy William

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The different paths for a Software Engineer can be as follows:-

1. Front-end Developer

2. Back-end Developer

3. Full-stack Developer

4. Software Testing

5. Cloud Computing

6. Database Engineer

7. Security Developer

8. Freelance

All these are the most significant career path for a Software Engineer.
answered Feb 11 by Mathew Benneck
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Hey Randy, there are a lot of different career options for a Software Engineer. Some of them are:

  • Higher Education in IT Domain (M.Tech or MS)

  • MBA (if you are willing to go into Management side)

  • Cloud Computing Engineer

  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

  • Full-Stack (MEAN, LAMP) Development

  • Cybersecurity / Networking

  • Database Administration etc.

answered Jun 25 by Anvi
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