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I am working at Aricent as a Software Tester. I have been in this company for 1+ years now. I want to switch the domain and work with the development team. Is it okay to change the domain in just one year? Can anyone guide me?
Jan 29 in Career Counselling by Rishav Kumar

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To be frank, you are in testing and switching from testing to development is not that easy. They both are two different domains. If you get the opportunity of changing it then its great and you should definitely opt for it. If you are thinking for changing the domain you will have to face interview again and also have to prove them that you are worth this opportunity.

All the best.
answered Jan 29 by abhijeet
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First of all, when you are thinking of switching domain into the same firm you should have that much quality to proof you are worthy of it.

It is not at all easy to change the domain within the company, once from different technology to a directly different technology is rarely happens. If you get the opportunity then you need to be that much skillful to get the opportunity.
answered Jun 10 by Gitika
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Yes, you can shift depending on your work and skills in the department that you want to shift. You can meet your manager and talk about the same. If your skills can be used to learn and help in the department then you can shift. You will have to take the interview again to shift domain to check your skills and knowledge.
answered Jul 11 by anonymous
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