Choose risky but challenging path or a safe and easy path

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Choose risky but challenging path or a safe and easy path?
May 16 in Career Counselling by Nithin

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Hey Nithin,

If you want a peaceful and easy going daily routine job then you can go for an easier path.

If you like challenges or like to lead and take risks with ups and down along different path then go for the challenging role.

Usually, if you are young then you can go for a challenging role as your mind and body is energetic and can work and learn faster.

Take your decision wisely.
answered May 16 by anonymous
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From my perception choosing, the safe and easy path is monotonous in anyone's life, taking up challenges will motivate you to do several things in life.

If you are not able to take up challenges then go for the easy-going path because you should not do things in which you won't get any interest.

Try to take the decision of your career wisely.

answered Jun 10 by Gitika
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Challenges are things that becomes channels for growth. They are opportunities in disguise that help you and contribute for a wholesome development of your personality.

I always like to tread through the road that is less taken, it gives us a chance to explore our true potentialities.

I never feel afraid to try something new...always remember "Amateurs built the Arc while Professionals built the Titanic" ;)

Playing safe is not always cool!

answered Jul 29 by Sirajul
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