How to successfully implement your new strategy? [closed]

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I was in an interview session, did not know that this kind of questions will be thrown to me though, but I answered something very casual which was not up to the mark. Can anyone answer this question? 

closed with the note: deals with a very trivial concern.
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In interviews answer this questions with points like:

1. Assign accountability:- Someone needs to be responsible for every piece of your strategy. If everyone works on their particular aspects, the strategy will come together in the end

2. Break down your targets.:- Set a long term performance goal, back into annually and quarterly based on the assumption of performance enhancement

3. Consider where your funds are allocated:- To ensure your new strategy is successfully implemented, you need to invest in your strategy. You’ll want to take a close at where you spend your resources and make sure that you’re allocating the proper funds to your strategy.

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The basic activities in strategy implementation involve the following:

  • Establishment of annual objectives

  • Formulation of policies for execution of strategies

  • Allocation of resources

  • Actual performance of tasks and activities

  • Leading and controlling the performance of activities or tactics in various levels of the organization

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