How I can get audio processing state of a single mediaItem from a queue

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I have been in trouble for two days. I have a flutter project in which i am using audio services package (version 0.18.9) Now my requirement is to get audio processing complete state against a single media item but in the updated version it just allows me to get about the whole queue means when the last queue item will reach to end then show me the completed state.

/// Remove all previous queue items
await audioHandler.stop();

/// Register the new queue of media items
await audioHandler.updateQueue(mediaItems);
await audioHandler.skipToQueueItem(quran_page);

///Here i want get changes for single MediaItem current it works for whole queue
audioHandler.playbackState.listen((PlaybackState state) async {
  if (state.playing == false &&
      state.processingState == AudioProcessingState.completed) {
    await onAudioComplete(quran_page);

Apr 20, 2023 in Flutter by Ashwini
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To get the audio processing state of a specific media item from a queue:

  1. Register the media items in the queue with a unique identifier, such as the media item's ID or index.
  2. Use the unique identifier to skip to the desired media item.
  3. Access the PlaybackState object returned by the playbackState stream.
  4. Check the processingState property of the PlaybackState object to get the processing state of the current media item.
  5. If the processing state is AudioProcessingState.completed and the unique identifier matches the desired media item, perform the desired action.
answered Apr 20, 2023 by vinayak

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