How can I change enableDrag or isDismissible on a showModalBottonSheet after is already constructed

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So I have an showModalBottonSheet, and I want that by default it can close with enableDrag or isDismissible as well, but, when the app is waiting Firebase to respond, after the user search for an object, I want to set enableDrag and isDismissible to false

I already tried setState and even GetX controller as well, I can't set this two to false and change the state after the showModalBottomSheet is constructed, it only works if the modal closes and open again

Apr 18 in Flutter by Ashwini
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Unfortunately, you cannot change the enableDrag or isDismissible property of a showModalBottomSheet once it is already constructed. This is because these properties are set when the widget is built and cannot be changed dynamically.

One solution would be to create a new instance of the showModalBottomSheet widget with the desired properties when the Firebase response is received. You can do this by wrapping the showModalBottomSheet in a function and calling that function with the appropriate parameters when needed.

Here's an example:

void _showModal(BuildContext context, {bool enableDrag = true, bool isDismissible = true}) {
    context: context,
    enableDrag: enableDrag,
    isDismissible: isDismissible,
    builder: (BuildContext context) {
      return Container(
        child: Text('Modal content'),

Then, you can call this function with the default values when you want to show the modal:


And call it again with the updated values when the Firebase response is received:

_showModal(context, enableDrag: false, isDismissible: false);

This will create a new instance of the showModalBottomSheet widget with the updated properties and display it on top of the previous one.

answered Apr 18 by vinayak

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