How can I change enableDrag or isDismissible on a showModalBottonSheet after is already constructed

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So I have an showModalBottonSheet, and I want that by default it can close with enableDrag or isDismissible as well, but, when the app is waiting Firebase to respond, after the user search for an object, I want to set enableDrag and isDismissible to false

I already tried setState and even GetX controller as well, I can't set this two to false and change the state after the showModalBottomSheet is constructed, it only works if the modal closes and open again

Apr 18, 2023 in Flutter by Ashwini
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Unfortunately, you cannot change the enableDrag or isDismissible property of a showModalBottomSheet once it is already constructed. This is because these properties are set when the widget is built and cannot be changed dynamically.

One solution would be to create a new instance of the showModalBottomSheet widget with the desired properties when the Firebase response is received. You can do this by wrapping the showModalBottomSheet in a function and calling that function with the appropriate parameters when needed.

Here's an example:

void _showModal(BuildContext context, {bool enableDrag = true, bool isDismissible = true}) {
    context: context,
    enableDrag: enableDrag,
    isDismissible: isDismissible,
    builder: (BuildContext context) {
      return Container(
        child: Text('Modal content'),

Then, you can call this function with the default values when you want to show the modal:


And call it again with the updated values when the Firebase response is received:

_showModal(context, enableDrag: false, isDismissible: false);

This will create a new instance of the showModalBottomSheet widget with the updated properties and display it on top of the previous one.

answered Apr 18, 2023 by vinayak

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