What is the tech Stack behind Slack system?

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I want to create a system like Slack, but not sure what tech stack is required for it. Can anyone suggest what is the tech stack behind Slack system

May 13 in Career Counselling by Rani

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Hi Rani, for creating a system like Slack, following tech-stack is required:

  1. Javascript and ES6 with ReactJS (for web client)

  2. Electron (desktop app)

  3. Java and Kotlin (Android app)

  4. Objective C and Swift (IOS app)

  5. Backend (PHP, Hacklang)

  6. MySQL with Vitess (data storage)

  7. Memcached, MCRouter (Caching)

  8. SolrCloud, Java services (Search and Ranking)

  9. WebSockets (Real-time messaging)

  10. HAProxy (loadbalancing), Consul (configuration)

  11. Elixir (voice and video calling services)

  12. Kafka, Redis (Async task queuing system)

  13. Presto, Spark, Airflow, Hadoop and Kafka (data warehouse)

  14. Terraform, Chef and Kubernetes (server configuration, management)

  15. Amazon (CloudFront, CloudSearch, EMR, Route 53, Web Services)

  16. Apache (HTTP Server, Kafka, Solr, Spark, Web Server)

  17. Babel (Javascript Compilation), Brandfolder (Asset Management) 

  18. Bugsnag (Monitoring errors and crashes on the app), Burp Suite 

  19. Casper Suite, Chef 

  20. DigiCert, Git

answered May 13 by Danial
That's a lot of technologies!!! Is there any other way of creating a live-chat app like Slack using limited technologies?

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