What is the job role of a AWS-System Engineer

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What is the job role of a AWS-System Engineer?
Dec 12, 2018 in Career Counselling by Jino
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Perform daily system operations tasks to verify system integrity and availability 

Perform ongoing performance tuning, hardware/OS upgrades, and resource optimization 

Implement monitoring for applications and servers, and respond to alarms in a timely manner

Deploy physical and virtual servers

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answered Dec 12, 2018 by Mithun
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@Jino, following responsibilities are a part of an AWS-System Engineer's role:

  • Administer, monitor, and deploy systems and services on AWS and other remote servers.

  • Design and deploy the infrastructure and services for new applications.

  • Lead initiatives for upgrading and scaling of systems to improve security, availability, reliability, and performance.

  • Build, install, tune, and troubleshoot operating system services for optimum performance levels.

  • Keep up with Amazon maintenance requirements, avoiding unplanned outages.

  • Work closely with development team by rapidly deploying instances, monitoring operating efficiencies of the platform, and responding as needs arise.

  • Collaborate with technical leads to integrate an end-to-end design that's well documented.

answered May 27, 2019 by Hemant
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These are the listed below job roles of an AWS-System Engineer:

  •  Deploying, automating, maintaining and managing AWS cloud-based production system, to ensure the availability, performance, scalability, and security of productions systems.
  • Build, release and configuration management of production systems. 
  • Pre-production Acceptance Testing to help assure the quality of our products/services. 
  • System troubleshooting and problem-solving across platform and application domains. 
  • Suggesting architecture improvements, recommending process improvements. 
  • Evaluate new technology options and vendor products. 
  • Ensuring critical system security through the use of best in class cloud security solution.
answered Jul 29, 2019 by Gitika
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