What all advantages of d3 js are there

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I am a front-end developer and have been asked to learn d3.js, but before learning that I want to know what are its advantages?
May 8, 2019 in Career Counselling by Rakshit

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Hi Rakshit some of the advantages of d3.js are:

  • D3.js is a Javascript library. So, it can be used with any JS framework of your choice like Angular.js, React.js or Ember.js.
  • D3 focuses on data, so it is the most appropriate and specialized tool for data visualizations.
  • D3 is open-source. So you can work with the source code and add your own features.
  • It works with web standards so you don't need any other technology or plugin other than a browser to make use of D3.
  • D3 works with web standards like HTML, CSS and SVG, there is no new learning or debugging tool required to work on D3.
  • D3 does not provide any specific feature, so it gives you complete control over your visualization to customize it the way you want. This gives it an edge over other popular tools like Tableau or QlikView.
  • Since D3 is lightweight, and works directly with web standards, it is extremely fast and works well with large datasets.
answered May 8, 2019 by Murad
Hi Murad, thank you for this detailed answer. d3Js is indeed a very useful tool for data visualization and helped me in creating a lot of dynamic graphs and charts.

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