What are the responsibilities of Blockchain Consultant?

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What work does a Blockchain Consultant do?
Nov 12, 2018 in Career Counselling by Meci Matt
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This is what a Blockchain Consultant does:

  • Research, design, develop, and test blockchain technologies
  • Evaluate applications for new tools and technologies
  • Maintain and extend current client- and server-side applications responsible for integration and business logic
  • Documentation of new solutions as well as maintaining that of existing ones
answered Nov 12, 2018 by Kumar
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The responsibility of a Blockchain Consultant is to stay updated with new Blockchain technology suggest necessary updates. He will have to analyze the existing Blockchain application, see how it can be made better, think how new technologies can be used to make it better. And then make a report and pass it on to the concerned team to get the changes done.
answered Mar 14 by Kyle
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Below are few responsibilities of Blockchain Consultant.

  • Translate clients business goals/ challenges into technology roadmaps and architecture designs
  • Conduct research, comprehend analyst reports, keep abreast of technology trends and identify applicability to clients’ business/ technology ecosystem
  • Define enterprise blueprints that leverage emerging architecture patterns and industry/ functional solutions
  • Partner with clients on business/ technology transformation programs; orchestrate the implementation of planned initiatives and realization of business outcomes
answered Apr 17 by Banu
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Blockchain Consultant can optimize your business using blockchain technology. Blockchain consultants are the right experts offering a valuable suggestion on how to implement blockchain technology in your organization
Consultants can help you in many possible ways, they are listed below
    Blockchain experts implement blockchain technology to maximum advantage with custom solutions to fit the desired requirement and this is done by the consultants, Blockchain Consultants can easily understand the business requirement.
    Blockchain Consultant possesses in-depth knowledge in the blockchain ecosystem and all its facets to provide ultimate quality services. Blockchain experts intricate all technical assistance in blockchain technologies right from blockchain development.
    Blockchain Consultants are expertise in blockchain development and provides decentralize and automate processes saving operational costs thereby simplifying and streamlining the entire trade process. We provide an automated trade lifecycle where all parties in the transaction have access to the exact same data about a trade. We improve the process of trading with tokens, cryptocurrencies and distributed ledgers without any middlemen. We also provide blockchain banking services for automated payments and faster transactions

answered Jul 18 by Crystal
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Tamir Zoltovski (Managing Partner at Moneta International UAB) says responsibilities of Blockchain consultants include:

• Analyzing the authorized landscape of the authority in which you plan to offer your tokens.

• Helping to arrange the necessary know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) processes

• Creating legal contracts for the rights of token holders

• Making sure the entire project documentation that includes white papers or technical papers, contain the required disclaimers and caveats
answered Aug 31 by TamirZoltovski
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