Can I talk to company's employees on LinkedIN and ask them about the company before joining?

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I recently attended an interview and got selected. Now, I have to decide whether I have to join the company or not. I did some research about the company online but did not get many details. I found a few employees of that company on LinkedIn. Can I message and ask them about how the company is?
Feb 14 in Career Counselling by Abhi

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You can look up to people working in that company but sending a message and asking them about the company is a bad idea. You can just send a connect request. Some recruiters would appreciate you looking up about the company but messaging will leave you in a bad impression.
answered Feb 14 by Koyal
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Hey Abhi, if you want to research about a company there are a websites like Glassdoor which provides employees reviews, salaries, work experiences etc of any company. But directly messaging a company's employees on LinkedIn is not a great idea as it might leave a bad impression of yours.
answered Apr 1 by Anand
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Yes, you can research about the company and also get to know the domains they are working and how is the work environment. Especially Linkedin is one such website that allows anyone to talk and discuss to employees as well as employers before/after joining in a company. It is not bad to ask employees about company because, they can tell the problems they faced or the good and pros about the work culture and their business. Nowadays its appreciated to know more about the company before you join to get familiar with their environment.
answered Apr 1 by CHERUKURI
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Of course, it is very much necessary to research about the company where you will be working in.The most genuine information you will get from a person, who is actually working under that company. Ask questions regarding the domains and projects they have. In companies website its not possible to get the proper information,so better to ask people from LinkedIN. Get to know about the work culture of the company because employees working on that current company wont lie about the company details.

answered Apr 17 by pavitra

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