Is there anything that I need to ask the interviewer

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I'm going for an interview at this start-up company. I was just wondering if there's anything that i need to ask the interviewer?
Nov 16, 2018 in Career Counselling by Maverick
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You always go for an interview with confidence and knowing about the company before you get into it is always a very good practice. These are the few questions you should ask the interviewer

Where do you see the company in the next 5/10 years?

What are the company's greatest threats? (you probably wont get an answer for it)

what are the growth numbers of the company?

All the best:)
answered Nov 16, 2018 by Hannah
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Firstly ask the doubts that you have about the company. Usually, when people go to an interview they research about the company. But they only get the general information and might have some questions regarding the working of the company. I have had such doubts in every interview. So, if you have similar questions, you can ask them. After that, you can ask questions like  "What do you think I should improve in or work on?", "What does the company plan to achieve in the short and long term?".
answered Mar 27, 2019 by Yashita
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Not every interviewer will give you a chance to ask questions. But most of them will. Some of these people let you ask questions just for formalities and others let you ask questions to know about your attitude towards work and the company. So, the questions you ask should make the interviewer feel that you are going to be an asset to the company. Mainly ask questions about the companies goals, the scope and opportunities for you in the company, etc. And be genuine because interviewers are very smart in understanding if someone is faking.
answered Mar 27, 2019 by Krishi
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Once you are going for any interview to any start up company make sure you have full preparation according to your resume. Coming to the point of asking questions to the interviewer, if they mention any domain they want to put you, please ask questions like what exact work you are going to be in. What exact tool or technology you will be working and what is the future of the project they want to put you into. Try to have a good conversation with the interviewer.

Be polite enough and smart to ask the questions.

answered Apr 17, 2019 by rashmi

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