How to become a better software engineer apart from doing technical stuff?

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What do Software Engineers do or what would you suggest a Software Engineer to do to become better apart from technical stuff like coding, participating in contests, etc.?
Feb 12 in Career Counselling by Lohit

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The best thing you can do to become a better Software Engineer is to leave Software Engineering at your workplace. Finish your work in time but at the end of the day, wrap it up. When you get out of your workplace, leave all your work there. It is important to maintain your health. The healthier your body is, the smarter your brain will be. Exercise every day, work out or practice Yoga. Solve puzzles, read books, watch movies/documentaries. Write a blog. Well, that's all I can think of for now.
answered Feb 12 by Rachit
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I would say keep learning new or current technologies. As days are passing technology is increasing and many different jobs and careers are upcoming. So keep in touch with latest projects and tools used by companies in the near future. Research on different technologies and do freelance projects during your free time to also improve your cv and experience.
answered Apr 4 by Banu

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