How to become a Software Engineer at Google?

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Hi guys, I am an Engineering student and in 3rd year of Engineering. I have always dreamt of working at Google. I want to prepare myself for the interview. Can you please tell me what all I should prepare myself for?
Sep 3 in Career Counselling by Mrunal
Google is very choosy with their candidates, they usually hire from top IT colleges like IITs or NITs and for off campus, they hire either very experienced people or someone who is very smart and a dedicated coder. I tried applying for google 3-4 times, but they never responds back. I have an experience of 4 yrs and still I don't even get a reply whether my application is accepted or rejected.
Hey @Mrunal there's nothing to be disheartened seeing @Abha's comment, It just requires consistent and dedicated effort, a proper skill set with certain qualities that would differentiate you from the rest of the crowd. Since you are still in your 3rd year, you have ample time and chance to improvise.

Work on these, stay focused, You can do it!

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The first and the most important thing to do is to be good at coding. The minimum qualification to become a Software Engineer at Google is not "Knowing how to code" but "to be good at coding". So make sure, you have a lot of practice in coding. You can participate in various coding contests. Then build projects based on the field you are interested in (Web Development, Android application, Artificial Intelligence, etc.). You can also start working as a Software Developer in a different company and then use that experience in your Resume. After this, you can start applying for a job at Google.
answered Sep 3 by Rishi
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Improve concepts like Data Structures and Algorithms because Google test your coding skills too much and mostly they test Data Structure and Algorithm skills. Then participate in Google conducted coding contest: Google CodeJam. Perform well in this contest and you will get the job. 

answered Sep 3 by Ryan
Don't I need a degree in order to be eligible to attend the interview?
Not really. Having a degree might help you but if you have good skills then it doesn't matter if you have a degree or not.
You should be an undergraduate in the computer science domain. And build your skills.
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You can intern at google and later convert to software developer depending on your performance. Google takes Software Engineering Interns every year. If you are lucky and skilled, you might end up becoming a full-time software developer on google.

answered Sep 10 by anonymous
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Google hosts this coding competition - Code Jam. Participate in that, ace it, win the competition and ask for a job.
answered Sep 10 by Greg

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