Is Software Development a dead-end after 35-40 years old?

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I am 35 years old now and I have been in Software Development for the last 15 years. I got promoted to Senior Developer and Team Lead but I don't see what next. I don't know what is the future of a Software Developer after the age of 35-40. Is this a dead-end?
Feb 11 in Career Counselling by Sharma

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In terms of Salary and Skills, it is not a dead-end. Salary will be raised as usual (depending on the company you are working for) and skills are constantly improving because every day you learn something and with new requirements, you will have to solve new challenges. In terms of job-role, it depends on you. You can become a Development Manager, Vice President and CTO (Chief Technology Officer). But if you don't want to get into Management and still be a Developer, you can do that too.
answered Feb 11 by Jignesh
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Development is a never ending job, it has no end. Though you have a good years of experience in your hand and you have knowledge too. So you can do one the firm you are working in, maybe you can search some other forum where the projects will be different and as a Senior Developer and Team Lead your position won't be stagnant. You can reach out to different development work and can enhance what knowledge you already have. Once you switch to some other forum, you might get some good hikes as well as respect being in a higher position.

answered May 21 by Gitika
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