Which career path should I opt now 6months experience

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I am currently working as a system administration senior associate at NTT Data and project is BMC Remedy which is a ticketing tool. In terms of career growth and onsite opportunities are very less in my project. Now I am having six months experience. I am planning to stay in this project until I got a job in well known domain. So my question is being a system administrator which domain should I go now. I have two ideas now.
1) Shall I go for software testing?
If so, whether my admin experience is considered or not. I would like to learn complete testing courses from scratch.
2) Shall I go for cloud computing?
If so my admin experience is considered or not. I am planning to learn linux+aws cloud. How is the career opportunities for cloud in India? But I want my experience to be considered for my next job.

If testing is good, then suggest me what are the things should I learn?
If Cloud is good, then suggest me what are the things should I learn?
I need a job which has a lot of openings in the Indian market and expecting stable career growth.

I need a valuable suggestion from all the IT experts.
Dec 24, 2018 in Career Counselling by anonymous

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I think according to the market you should go for Cloud Computing as the scope of growth is huge. The salary offered to a Cloud certified personal is also amazing.

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Hey @user, good that you are thinking about the different possibilities for your career.

Talking about testing and Cloud computing, it depends on what you like most. Cloud computing and testing are two different path. Can you tell me more about your project that you are working currently so that I can suggest you on which one to choose, and will your current experience count when you opt for one.
answered Dec 24, 2018 by Nabarupa
My project is BMC remedy which is a ticketing tool and monitoring of servers.

Remedy: it is simply a cloud user administration and it is related to ICS(infra,cloud &security). We follow standard ITIL process to solve the tickets. We are handling incident work order problem and change related tickets. If user is facing any authentication failed issues and challenges they are facing in remedy we are the one who remotely troubleshooting those issues.

We are using opas tools,zenoss tools and service management tools for monitoring of servers , handling server related tasks etc.,

The common thing is both are not related to technical side of cloud and testing.

Suggest me, which one should I go for?

But the domain which you are going to suggest should have lot of onsite and career opportunities is huge in India.
By reading the description of your project, I assume that you might be having a descent knowledge on cloud and its architecture. I think you must look forward to build your career on Cloud computing.
@User, Once you begin with cloud computing course then you will have to dive deep into it and you can also go for the certification for Cloud Computing.
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Hey! I think you should opt for Cloud Computing as that is the big thing right now and once you complete a good course in Cloud Computing be it AWS, Azure or GCP or any other. Once you have a good certification on this you will be able to apply for good companies such as Amazon as the hiring rate for AWS is huge. The hiring for AWS Developer, Cloud Support Engineers are growing day by day and also in AWS Developer you have a pretty descent chance of going onsite with a pretty descent package.

As @Nabarupa said it totally depends on your interest.

All the best!
answered Dec 24, 2018 by Shuvodip
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Hello, by understanding the current job you are doing and what options you are looking for, I would recommend you to opt Cloud Computing as the opportunity that you will get in cloud computing will be more than that in testing.

Linux + AWS is a great combination. You will get courses online:- there are many platforms that have their courses.

Udemy, unacademy, edureka etc.

With udemy the course curriculum is taken care by a single person. The certification you get is less useful. At the end you will have to take AWS Certification examination but the preparation should be good. So take a good look on their course and what they offer.

Hope you have a great journey with AWS. All the best.
answered Dec 26, 2018 by Trisha
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I suggest you choose Cloud Computing, there's a lot of opportunities and scope for cloud computing in India especially in companies like Amazon and Microsoft. I have a friend who works at Amazon as a Cloud Architect and has a package of 15 LPA. with just 3 months of experience
answered Jan 16, 2019 by Vipin
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I think going for cloud computing would be a better idea. System testing is also a really good field but honestly with growing demand for cloud providers and cloud experts I see a higher growth there. 

Talking about career path to becoming a Cloud Computing, taking up a course would be the best option to boost up your chnaces getting into a company. If not a course you could learn as all the resources are available on the internet starting from documentation to YouTube videos with step by step explanation.

All the best :)

Also, It would be better if you register to the community as it would be easier for the readers to understand the discussion. We do not encourage posting anonymously. 

answered Jan 17, 2019 by Hannah
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You being a System Administrator, will know more about how to create or architect certain things. You can choose your career accordingly.

If you go for testing, you will need to have experience in Testing i.e. Manual or using selenium etc.

If you opt for Cloud Computing, your experience as a System Administrator will surely count. You can also opt for taking a certification examintaion by AWS or Azure or GCP for Cloud Architect, this surely will give you an added advantage.

You can also look for some online courses:-

Cloud Computing:- https://www.edureka.co/cloud-computing-certification-courses

Software Testing:- https://www.edureka.co/software-testing-certification-courses

Feel free to ask any doubt you have. All the best for your career.

answered Jan 21, 2019 by Edureka
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I would suggest you to go with Cloud. You have to learn AWS or Azure for this.
answered Jan 23, 2019 by Likitha

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