What is the job role for a Cloud Automation Engineer?

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What is the job role for a Cloud Automation Engineer?
Nov 15, 2018 in Career Counselling by findingbugs
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The role that a Cloud Automation Engineer has to play in any organization are as follows:

  • Participate in the design of service automation in cloud towards Infrastructure-as-code.
  • Central to obtaining and processing requirements in order to transform application delivery for cloud in an agile fashion
  • Leader of orchestration in cloud using Infrastructure-as-code while providing self-service capabilities to IT teams
  • Active driver for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery applications
  • Maintain adherence to architectural standards/principles, global product-specific guidelines, usability design standards, etc.
  • Provide support and documentation to assist in sustaining projects during the transition to production. 
  • Input into internal and external organizations towards development of standards as well as efficiencies
  • Provide feedback regarding development and engineering methodologies, standards and leading practices.
  • Involve and drive firm’s evolution towards DevSecOps and Agile Transformation
  • Execution of process engineering and operational improvement initiatives for automation tooling focused on cloud
  • Resolve and act as escalation and coordination point for incidents and problems related to affected automation
  • Requirements gathering for design, development and deployment
  • Root cause analysis and improvement solutions
  • Executing scheduled or unscheduled automation in support of other technology domains
  • Selects appropriately from applicable standards, methods, tools and applications and use accordingly.
  • Ability to work well within a multi-disciplinary team structure, but also independently
  • Ability to work with 3rd party vendors (i.e. Microsoft, Amazon, etc) for escalation of issues
  • Demonstrates analytical and systematic approach to problem solving.
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The responsibilities of a Cloud Automation engineer are as follows:

  • Provide software delivery operations and application release management support, including coding and scripting, automated build and deployment processing, agile deployment, and process reengineering.
  • Performs script maintenance and updates due to changes in requirements or implementations.
  • Builds automated deployments for consistent software releases with zero downtime (through build process, packaging, testing and automatic deployment).
  • Deploys new modules, upgrades and fixes to the production environment. May assist in production support.
  • Evaluates existing applications and platforms and provides recommendations for improving performance by conducting gap analysis, identifying feasible alternative solutions, and assisting in the scope of modifications.
answered Mar 1 by Rituparna

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