how to read dbf files in talend 2020

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hi , i am new in talend open studio and i found no way to read dbf files  .

i found actually 2 blocking ways where i am stuck each time with different errors .

i tried first to downlaod from exchange.talend , tDBFInput component and it shows  an exception  "dbflib.CorruptedTableException: Number of field descriptions in file could not be calculated" each time i try to run the job after putting the dbf file in that componenet . 

i also tried to perform a jdbc connection using a dbf driver i downloaded , after installing it as external jar , i cannot find out the driver class , i can select the driver and it is added from the list of drivers but  i  cannot find the class ,which class to use .and also how to later on make the connection to a file not a table .

i also tried a second tDBFInput component that i downloaded from the exchange.talend web site but it always shows MASHAPE KEY that i need to configure , where i have no idea what value it should take , i see people saying it should be an URL pointing to an API and you also must know the authentication needed to request that url  . 

can anyone who extracted data from dbf FOX pro files in  version 7.x tell me how to do it?

Dec 2, 2020 in Talend by aminegac
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Hey, @Aminegac,

Could you provide the database you use, clear steps, and full error log text?

@Gitika thank you for replying to my post . 
I am using a dbf file coming from FOX . i can visualize it clearly with any simple DBFviewer software as shown here in the photo . there are exactly 40 fields on that table and the software already figured out the types of each field and its name .

still cannot find out why the exception is 

Exception in component tDBFInput_1 (DBFJob)

nl.knaw.dans.common.dbflib.CorruptedTableException: Number of field descriptions in file could not be calculated.

at nl.knaw.dans.common.dbflib.DbfHeader.getFieldCount(

at nl.knaw.dans.common.dbflib.DbfHeader.readAll(


at local_project.dbfjob_0_1.DBFJob.tDBFInput_1Process(

at local_project.dbfjob_0_1.DBFJob.runJobInTOS(

at local_project.dbfjob_0_1.DBFJob.main(

Hi, @Aminegac

I just experience this problem by trying to insert a NULL data in a column that is configured in the data model to NOT NULL.
Look at all your data in your dataflow (Maybe if you use a tmap a join that is not managed in inner join type).

hi , @Roshni

thank you for the reply . does it mean the dbf file has some null values that made the error occur?

for the Tmap solution i do not think it will work because the exception is thrown at the very begining at the first component in the job where i am trying to read the dbf file itself. as you can see in this photo . i already changed the shcema so that it matches perfectly with the number of columns in the file and the type also .  the same error appeares.


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