How to generate multiple rows from a single row in Talend

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I have a file with data in the following format:

id  | name  | dateFrom   | dateTo

101 | Allen | 12-04-2018 | 17-04-2018

Can someone help me in splitting up this single row of into multiple rows where the number of output rows will depend on the difference between the dates? For example, the output must look like:

New_id | id  | name |   dateFrom   |  dateTo

1        101  Allen    12-04-2018    13-04-2018

2        101  Allen    13-04-2018    14-04-2018

3        101  Allen    14-04-2018    15-04-2018

4        101  Allen    15-04-2018    16-04-2018

5        101  Allen    16-04-2018    17-04-2018


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I think using tJavaFlex, tMap and tFlowToIterate components you can easily split the data. You can start off by arranging the components as shown below:


Open the Map Editor and map the data as shown:


In the Map Editor output table add a new row called “iterations” of “long” type to hold the difference between the dates.

tFlowToIterate components need no configurations to be done. It will by default pass on the values to the tJavaFlex.

Add the below code to the tJavaFlex component:

Start Code:

 // start part of your Java code

int currentId = (Integer)globalMap.get("");

String currentName = (String)globalMap.get("");

Long iterations = (Long)globalMap.get("res.iterations");

Date dateFrom = (java.util.Date)globalMap.get("res.dateFrom");

Date dateTo = (java.util.Date)globalMap.get("res.dateTo");

for(int i=0; i<((Long)globalMap.get("res.iterations")); i++) { 

Main Code:

row2.new_id = i+1; = currentId; = currentName;

row2.dateFrom = TalendDate.addDate(dateFrom, i, "dd");

row2.dateTo = TalendDate.addDate(dateFrom, i+1, "dd");

End Code:


Like the tFlowToIterate component tLogRow also do not need any configurations to be done. You can just go ahead and execute the job which will give you the below output. Hope this was what you were looking for. Cheers!!


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