How to apply for pmp exam

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Can anyone describe the process to apply for the PMP exam?

Sep 4, 2020 in PMP by Rajiv
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Application Process of PMP® Certification Exam

NOTE: Before you start filling up the form, make sure that you are eligible. If you are not, I would suggest you, not apply as it would result in wastage of your time, effort, and money. Also, check whether you are lacking any requirement. If you are, please satisfy them before applying.

  1. Filling the online Application Form: This application needs a lot of information. It is divided into three sections:
    STEP I: General Information
    STEP-II: Project Management Experience
    STEP III: Details On 35 Contact Hours Training Program
    This application requires a lot of information as well as time. An unfinished application form can be saved and finished later. You can complete filling up the form within a duration of 90 days, during which PMI will keep reminding you to complete it. Thus, you need to provide valid email id. One thing you must remember is that, once you start filling it up, it can’t be canceled.
    Before submitting the application, double-check the details you have provided otherwise, it will become a hassle to change it later.
    NOTE: Once you submit your application, PMI will take 5-7 working days to review your application. In case something is missing in your application, PMI will notify you by email.
  2. Fee payment: Once your application is received and accepted, PMI will send you a confirmation email requesting payment. You will receive a refund in case you don’t meet the requirements of the audit.
  3. PMP® audit process: Once your application is accepted and payment is made, the audit process will begin. Among all the applications submitted to PMI, only a small percentage is selected. The application selection is done on a random basis. If you are selected for the audit, PMI will notify you. Once you receive the confirmation mail, within 90 days, you need to submit the required documents. Once your documents are submitted, within 6-7 working days, the audit process will commence. Moreover, your eligibility period will start from the day your audit gets cleared.
  4. Scheduling the exam: If your audit is cleared, PMI will send you an email with a unique code. You will have one year's time to pass the exam. In case, you need to reschedule your exam, you can do so, two days prior to the exam.

Visit here for more information regarding the process.

Are you planning to apply for the PMP exam? I would recommend you to first check out the PMP course curated by an industry expert.

answered Sep 4, 2020 by Gitika
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