I have PMP certification exam in next week Can anyone quick suggest me how can I crack at 1st attempt

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I have my PMP certification exam next week.
My exam center in Mumbai.

I need your guidance and request to share your experience how can I crack the exam at 1st attempt?

Thank you in advance.

Aug 13, 2020 in PMP by Roshni
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I am also studying for my PMP exam so I would give you the following advice based on what I heard from PMP experts: Because you are just a week away, I know you have already done much preparation. Just ensure that you;
1. Do not memorize the PMBOK book or the ITTOs. Try to understand the inter-relationship between the 49 processes of the 10 knowledge areas and 5 process groups
2. Do at least 3 practice exams. I was recommended to use the "The PMP Exam Simulator" by Cornelius Fichtner
3. Get "Rita Mulcahy" PMP Exam Prep 9th edition book, go through it and do exercises and exams. Its really helpful
4. Watch "PMBOK Guide 6th Edition Process Flow" video by Ricardo Vargas
5. Come up with an Exam Strategy on how you will take the real exam. For instance; answer 50 questions and take 5 minutes chill, etc depending on yourself.
6. Control the exam and do not let the exam control you. Psychologically you have to be fit too apart from your preparation. Learn to control panic. Do not be stressed out. Do not get panic. Nothing worse will happen to you if you fail the exam. Do mediation for a short time daily
7. Solve easy questions first. Mark long and difficult questions for review later.

Good luck

answered Aug 13, 2020 by Richa sharma

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