Portfolio Risk Management How to develop it

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Hello everyone! I'm defining a Portfolio Risk Management but I'm new at the topic and I have some doubts. Anyone has done it before and can help me?

My question: Example of metrics for overall portfolio risks (without making risk management on each project?

Aug 12, 2020 in PMP by anonymous
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You can derive many metrics for your portfolio depending on your need. For example:

(1) Number of risky projects - a simple measure
(2) Number of cross-project risks - those risks that are capable of causing risks in other projects
(3) Depth of related risks tree - if you have (2), then you can estimate how deep a risk trigger could go


I understand that some project risks could also be portfolio-level risks. But, the PM has to ensure the success of each project. Therefore, I don't think that there is a way out of risk assessment for each project within the portfolio.

answered Aug 13, 2020 by Raina Neman

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