what is the difference between docker swarm and kubernetes

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Sep 23, 2019 in Docker by Rajendra
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Both Kubernetes and Docker Swarm are important tools that are used to deploy containers inside a cluster and are among the prominent containerization tools.


Kubernetes is an open-source platform created by Google for container deployment operations, scaling up and down, and automation across the clusters of hosts. This production-ready, enterprise-grade, self-healing (auto-scaling, auto-replication, auto-restart, auto-placement) platform is modular, and so it can be utilized for any architecture deployment.

Kubernetes also distributes the load amongst containers. It aims to relieve the tools and components from the problem faced due to running applications in private and public clouds by placing the containers into groups and naming them as logical units.

Their capacity lies in simple scaling, environment agnostic portability, and adaptable development. 

Docker Swarm: 

As a platform, Docker has reformed the way software was bundled. Docker Swarm or just Swarm is an open-source compartment orchestration platform and is the native clustering tool for and by Docker. Any software, services, or tools that keep running with Docker containers run similarly well in Swarm. Likewise, Swarm uses a similar command line from Docker. 

Swarm transforms a pool of Docker hosts into a virtual, single host.

Swarm is especially useful for people who are trying to get comfortable with an orchestrated environment or who need to adhere to a simple deployment technique but also have more just one cloud environment or one particular platform to run this on.

Docker Swarm V/s Kubernetes:

Though both of them have quite a different and unique way to meet the goals, at the end of the day their endpoint remains quite near.

There are certain differences in terms of Installation, Scaling, Cluster configuration, and Load balancing,

For a detailed comparison do have a look at https://www.edureka.co/blog/kubernetes-vs-docker/ 

answered Sep 24, 2019 by Sirajul
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