which is better to use between Dockerfile and docker compose

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Dockerfiles are used in Docker Compose, but I am not sure if it is good practice to put everything in one large Dockerfile with multiple FROM commands for the different images ?

I want to use several different images that include:

celery with cro

what is the best practice in setting up this type of environment using Docker?

Can anyone help me with this?

Nov 6, 2018 in Docker by Shubham
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Here is a concept that will help you decide.

Docker Compose is used the Dockerfile if you add the build command to your project's docker-compose.yml.

 Docker workflow should be to build a suitable Dockerfile for each image you wish to create, then use compose to assemble the images using the build command.

You can specify the path to your individual Dockerfiles using build /path/to/dockerfiles/blah where /path/to/dockerfiles/blah is where blah's Dockerfile lives.

I hope the above explanation will help you get some clarity.
answered Nov 6, 2018 by Damon Salvatore
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