Error Puppet agent lock file exist - skipping var lib puppet state agent catalog run lock exists

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While trying to apply a manifest that I have on my puppet server, I execute the command :

sudo /opt/puppetlabs/bin/puppet agent -t
Error: Puppet agent lock file exist - skipping (/var/lib/puppet/state/agent_catalog_run.lock exists...

What's the way to solve this error?


Sep 18, 2019 in Puppet by Karan
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This usually happens when you have already issued a puppet agent -t command in a session and the process of applying the catalog isn't complete yet.

In this case, if you have to run puppet agent -t, you need to first remove that lock from the file. Try this:

sudo rm /var/lib/puppet/state/agent_catalog_run.lock

Now execute,

sudo /opt/puppetlabs/bin/puppet agent -t

This should resolve the issue.

answered Sep 18, 2019 by Sirajul
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