Roles and responsibilities of a product manager?

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The status of a product manager is considered to be very powerful. Product managers earn a lot as well. I work at a company as a research analyst and have no idea what the product managers do. They seem super intimidating which has always stop me from interacting with them. I wanted to know what exactly are their roles and responsibilities?
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Product managers usually deal with the following in most of the organizations:

  • Deal with unstructured requirements and create a structured process for partnering with multiple teams
  • Research on category-specific requirements and be the customers/suppliers representative
  • Manages feature roadmap. Works with customers and engineering to define/clarify product features and roadmap priority.
  • Understand technologies within the product area and articulate technological requirements. Identify risks early on and ask the right technical questions.
  • Conduct feature discussions with customers, engineers, and partner teams such as legal and finance. 
  • Connect engineering teams to end-user/customer experience. 
  • Report progress to partner teams and stakeholders.
answered Sep 6 by Shravan
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The main responsibilities of the product manager are:

  • Analyze and understand the customer experience.
  • Create a future vision.
  • Follow processes and activities accordingly.
  • Develop product pricing and positioning strategies.
  • Negotiate with stakeholders.
  • Build and follow a roadmap.
  • Organize product testing.
  • Execute product launch.
  • Take part in the promotion & developing plans.
  • Build and maintain product among various teams.
answered Sep 9 by anonymous
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Product manager responsibilities:

  1. A product manager must manage from concept, to design, sample production, testing, forecast, cost, mass production, promotion, support, and finally product end of life.

  2. Hes's the one responsible to deliver the operating plan: achievement of growth objectives including market share, revenue, profit and return on investment for all the channels/categories of business and/or key customers.

  3. Also responsible for managing and implementing marketing activities through research, strategic planning and implementation.

Role of a Product manager will include:

  1. Responsible to set the long-term vision and strategy for the company’s products.

  2. Should communicate this strategy to all the relevant participants and stakeholders.

answered Sep 9 by Sirajul
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Agreed. Above information details out most of the point. To summarize the same a Product Owner or a Product Manager is the person who is fully responsible for the development, release and maintenance of the product. Market knowledge, information on the operational side and strategic approach towards future definitely helps.

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