Is it possible to run PuppetDB directly from source without installing it

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Is there a way where I can run the PuppetDB directly from source without having to install it? This is because my system doesn't support installation from official packages that are available. What's the way forward in this case?
Jul 31, 2019 in Puppet by Sam
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To run PuppetDB directly from source:

  • Run the following commands:

$ mkdir -p ~/git && cd ~/git 
$ git clone git:// 
$ cd puppetdb  # Download the dependencies 
$ lein deps
  • This will let you develop on PuppetDB and see your changes by simply editing the code and restarting the server. It will not create an init script or default configuration directory. 

  • To start the PuppetDB service when running from source, you will need to run the following:

$ lein run services -c /path/to/config.ini
  • A sample config file is provided in the root of the source repo: config.sample.ini. You can also provide a conf.d-style directory instead of a flat config file.

  • Next, you will need to setup some test users to run the tests locally.

answered Jul 31, 2019 by Sirajul
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