How do I install Puppet directly from the source?

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Is there a way to install Puppet directly through the source? Is there is could you please share the procedure? Thank you
Mar 8 in Puppet by Laksha

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Hey @Laksha, 

First, install the Puppet tarball from the Puppet site using wget. Then, extract the tarball to a target location. Move inside the created directory using the CD command. Using install.rb file, install Puppet on the underlying server.

# get the latest tarball 
$ wget -----: 1

# untar and install it 
$ gzip -d -c puppet-latest.tgz | tar xf - ----: 2 
$ cd puppet-* ------: 3 
$ sudo ruby install.rb # or become root and run install.rb -------: 4 
answered Mar 8 by Yesha

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