Configuring puppet after installation

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I have installed Puppet 6.7 on my linux machine. How do i proceed with Configuring puppet so that i could perform some operations?
Jul 29, 2019 in Puppet by Ramya

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Once we have Puppet installed on the system, the next step is to configure it . These are some basic things that you need to configure:

Setting for Agents (all nodes):

  • server — The master server to request configurations from. Defaults to puppet. Change it if that’s not your server’s name.

  • certname — The node’s certificate name, and the unique identifier it uses when requesting catalogs. Defaults to the fully qualified domain name.
  • environment — The environment to request when contacting the master. It’s only a request, though; the master’s ENC can override this if it chooses. Defaults to production.

  • sourceaddress — The address on a multihomed host to use for the agent’s communication with the master server.

Setting for Master Servers:

  • dns_alt_names — A list of hostnames the server is allowed to use when acting as a master. The hostname your agents use in their server setting must be included in either this setting or the master’s certname setting.
  • environment_timeout — For better performance, you can set this to unlimited and make refreshing the master a part of your standard code deployment process.

  • environmentpath — Controls where Puppet finds directory environments. 

  • basemodulepath — A list of directories containing Puppet modules that can be used in all environments. 

  • reports — Which report handlers to use. 

answered Jul 29, 2019 by Sirajul
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